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Once a business is established, time constraints usually mean it becomes less of a priority to regularly review the running of the business. We find many businesses still have the contractual agreements, paperwork and often the same marketing and web content that was in put in place during those early set up stages. It is important to review your strategy on a regular basis to ensure your business is being run efficiently and more importantly, cost effectively, what may have worked in the early stages of your business may not still be reaping the benefits for you.

Our Business Strategy Plans will help you to manage your business, with discussion points such as:

  • Where do you see your business going? Are you aiming to grow your business – how will you do this? Or maybe you are looking to retire – How will you achieve this?

  • Competition – Your competitors when you originally established your business will undoubtedly have changed, how have they changed and what does this mean for your business?

  • Resource – What resource do you have in place both back office and in a clinical setting. Are you receiving value for money?

  • Relationships – Are suppliers seeing the value of your relationship, have you revisited those original agreements since your business was set up to ensure you are receiving value for money?

  • Contingency – In the event that a key member of staff was unable to fulfil their duties, what would happen, if your IT infrastructure failed, how would your business survive?

  • How is the success of your business being measured – is data important to your business?

common note

Our Consultants will help to build a strategy for your business either in the short term or long term. Our extensive knowledge of working with practice owners means we understand the importance of having direction and working to achieve your goal.

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