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The operational running of your business can be time consuming, however having a solid foundation of back office practice is paramount to the smooth running of your business. Do you regularly revisit your processes to ensure they still work as efficiently as the day your business was established, if the answer is no, our team of Consultants can help.
We will work with you and your team to build excellent process in all aspects of the running of your business, including:

  • Analysing your billing and Cash Collection process
  • Re-visiting your patient journey, to ensure it is clear, concise and meets regulatory guidelines
  • Discuss your options for when your business is closed, how do your patients contact the business out of hours?
  • Provide advice and support on your Human Resources including staffing requirements. Our team can work with you to formulate Job Descriptions and even manage the candidate selection and interviewing process on your behalf.

  • Supply advice relating to practice software and telephone systems
  • Provision of Sales, Patient and Complaint handling training in practice for your staff

common note

Our aim is to work with your existing staff to build a relationship similar to that of any other member of your team.

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