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Gary Monaghan

Since starting work with Nagor over 15 years ago I have acquired a huge amount of experience working with Plastic Surgeons. As I left Nagor to start and build Premium Medical Protection, I got to know them even better and got an insight in greater detail to understand how they work as surgeons and as business people. I’ve known many of the finest plastic surgeons in the UK before they were qualified and through the time when they were building their practice. My perception has always been that surgeons are big on ability, short of time! Short of time to develop their business, or alternatively so focused on it that maybe some other element of their lives that is compromised as a result. Neither is a good scenario.


I have long harboured a belief that a service to this group of surgeons I have got to know so well would be invaluable. Not a full time role for just one of them, but an advisory service to some. There are many, many facets to any business, all of which contribute to the overall success. I am able to advise you and your business on all these elements. I’ve spent 15 years building experience in my field, experience that I now wish to share with you. I’ve developed Nagor to achieve record sales in the UK, conceived a brand new implant range which now outsells all others in the company and have taken PMP from an idea to the largest provider of insured medical malpractice in the UK with approaching 1,000 clients.


The Cosmetic Consultants will seek to align Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgery Groups, Aesthetic Practices and as the business has evolved Dental Practices too.


We aim to develop strong relationships with our clients and to be very selective with our partners. For example, we will not engage on a retainer basis with two unrelated surgeons from the same town. We don’t believe that to be conducive to strong working relationships. Our desire and expectation is to become an integral part of your business.


Your question “What would I do without them?” is our ultimate goal.


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