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Our Services


We believe that Specialists in private practice have a requirement for ongoing support and advice, we can provide you with an array of services designed and tailored to suit your needs


The Cosmetic Consultants provide a practical practice based advice tailored to each individual surgeon or clinic.


The Cosmetic Consultants offer complete solutions to a variety of ways to implement new systems and practical ways to improve your service and profitability.

Main Service

Business Consulting

Whilst we are able to take care of your current business operations, we can also look at lowering your costs and increasing growth for you

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Business Operations

Let us remove the strain from your daily life by taking care of your internal business operations and day to day events.

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Digital Services

We find that in order to maximize returns from a modern private practice, it helps to get the most from your digital communications and the management information they generate.

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PR and Media

We are all judged by what we say, or more importantly the way that we say it, which is why a modern private practice should be prepared to cope with media exposure, and internal and external communications.

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