Gary has a thorough understanding of the pitfalls in taking on a project of this size. Without his calming influence and knowledge we would have made expensive mistakes along the way. His experience and resourcefulness saved us time, money and stress. We feel the direction we have taken is the way forwards for the cosmetic surgery industry and Gary is uniquely positioned to help in this niche area. He introduced various third parties, such as a CQC expert, all of whom upheld his standards of care and service. 

Ahmed Ali-Khan , Lase Cosmetic

 I have worked with Gary for some time now on a variety of projects. He has proven to be immensely resourceful, trustworthy and honest in all our dealings with him. he is someone I would use as a confident and advisor. Gary knows the industry inside out and if he doesn't know the answer he doesn't try to bluff it out, he goes and finds someone who does know. I believe his services to be pretty unique in this industry and he is someone we need to have around. A very nice, genuine guy who I would wholly recommend. 

Simon Withey - MyBreast

 Gary was absolutely integral to the planning, development and building of our clinic in London. he formulated the business plan and cashflow documents, found the architect, builders and sourced all the equipment. He was a constant source of information and support throughout the whole year it took to bring the clinic to fruition. He was available at all times; evenings and weekends , it made no difference. The project would not have happened without him and I have no hesitation in recommending him for similar projects 

Patrick Mallucci